Friday, March 25, 2011

Wrapped in Old Newspaper-Editorial Cartoons Part 4

Long Island VOICE  March 25, 1999
UPDATE: I replaced the image that had previously occupied the space above with a brighter, high resolution scan and added a little bit about the cartoon's production below. Thank you for your patience!

This accompanied an article likening the behavior of a certain New York sports franchise's contemporary roster to that traditionally associated with professional wrestlers. 

The original was intended to take up a full page in the tabloid-sized Long Island VOICE, but it ended up being flipped and printed at twice its original size for dramatic effect. My joy at getting more space in the paper was tempered by the realization that the flaws, like tiny sketch lines that would have been invisible at the smaller size, were enlarged along with the parts where I had been a little more diligent.

No digital shading for me, back then! All the grays were translucent adhesive shading film, the cutting and application of which to the original art took longer than the manual drawing itself. The film has held up surprisingly well in the intervening years. If you see yourself or anything resembling my favorite comic book characters in the crowd, it's probably your imagination.