Sunday, July 20, 2014

Procrastination 2.0 - by Steve Price

One day I'd walk from this tiny town
As soon as I’d put that first foot down.

And I’d see wonders the world ‘round
After I’d put that second foot down.

Adventures and treasures would surely abound
After I’d put that third foot down.

And my head might even wear a crown
After I’d put that fourth foot down.

And a love like no other would be what I had found
After I’d put that fifth foot down.

But my timid feet waited here, dreaming of then
Now the clock is clucking “If not now, well, when?”
You can’t chase your dreams if you’re standing around
And you can’t do much walking when you’re six feet down.

©2014 Stephen Price. All Rights Reserved

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Ode to Peace - by Steve Price

The problem, as far as I can see,
Is caused by people who aren’t me.
I’m never wrong. I always care.
I’ve never, ever been unfair.
When it comes to point of view,
Thine is murky; mine is true.
If by ego you weren’t blinded,
You wouldn’t be so narrow-minded.
Why say it’s this, when I know it’s that?
It’s people like you who started this spat.
Don’t tell me what’s wrong when I know what’s right.
I know that you’re doing it just for spite.
I’m in this fight because you’re in it.
I reject the idea that no one can win it.
My wrath is righteous, my burden, large.
We’d be better off with me in charge.
I’ve always known just what to do
With people who are just like you.